Business Mentoring philosophy-“Designovation: the process for bringing plans into reality.”

Over the years we have discovered that business founders want:

  1. An ex-entrepreneur someone who has a full grasp & understanding of their challenges, frustrations & the realities of building a sustainable high growth business.
  2. A mentor that understands the challenge to achieving a lifestyle balance as an entrepreneur by understanding how to create & implement systematised order.
  3. The need for a straight talking peer willing to offer a critical analysis of both them as an entrepreneur and their business. 
  4. The unique and unconventional use of design expertise, skills & critical thinking that only Designovation offers-generating new ideas, solutions & strategies for business owners.
  5. A business mentor & author with a passion for studying great entrepreneurs & enterprises for over 35 years. Plus an objective & cautious study of the ever changing global economy. 
  6. Access to the latest database of resources for funding, investment, networking and business support.

As someone who developed an extraordinary passion for studying entrepreneurs in her teens Denise is different from many Business Mentors. Firstly she doesn’t like the title business mentor, coach or consultant but rather sees herself as just a fellow peer and ex-business owner- no titles.

She failed O’level Business studies, doesn’t have a degree in Business but instead a B.A.Honours in Design. Her education comes not from academia but rather a passion for doing business. And closely observing, studying and listening to business founders, small family businesses, Great Scottish & International business owners (and secretly their book references.) Denise can quote, reference great entrepreneurs in history, analyse & disect their business philosophies and business models and talk the most influential of great entrepreneurs under the table on the subject of economics and business.

Unlike many other individuals in her field she has been surrounded by entrepreneurs from childhood, a family in manufacturing & engineering, she single handedly built her own 20 year business from scratch with the assistance of the brilliant charity the P.S.Y.B.T. Denise brings CEO’s a unique talent in business problem solving and strategising due to her unique combination of expertise as a designer and creative thinker. As a lifelong student of business many of her clients are often intrigued by the breadth and depth of her knowledge of great entrepreneurs, their lives, and how their business practices can be applied to their own individual modern challenges of business.

If you would like to learn more about her work please preview our online course or alternatively visit our contact page to request information on our fees and services.

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