Why do business owners choose us for mentoring?

“Designovation: the process for bringing plans into reality.”

  1. They want an ex-entrepreneur someone who has a full grasp & understanding of their challenges, frustrations & the realities of building a sustainable high growth business.
  2. To find the solution to achieving a lifestyle balance as an entrepreneur by understanding how to create & implement systematised order.
  3. The need for a straight talking peer willing to offer a critical analysis of both them as an entrepreneur and their business.
  4. The unique and unconventional use of design expertise, skills & critical thinking that Designovation offers in generating new ideas, solutions & strategies for business owners.
  5. A business mentor & author with a passion for studying great entrepreneurs & enterprises for over 35 years. Plus an objective & cautious study of the ever changing global economy.
  6. Access to our up to date database of resources for funding, investment, networking and business support.

Learn more about to the ‘Designovation Philosophy’ a Creative Entrepreneurship Programme designed by Denise McKeever.

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Why you should choose Designovation for Business Mentoring?

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Why you should choose Designovation for Business Mentoring
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Why you should choose Designovation for Business Mentoring
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