Welcome to Designovation as an ex-business owner in the Design & Textile industry for over 20 years Denise McKeever offers two specialist services:

  1. Business Mentoring for CEO’s
  2. Textile & Product Design Consultancy

Why do CEO’s choose Denise for mentoring?

  1. They want an ex-entrepreneur someone who has a full grasp & understanding of their challenges, frustrations & the realities of building a sustainable high growth business.
  2. To find the solution to achieving a lifestyle balance as an entrepreneur by understanding how to create & implement systematised order.
  3. The need for a straight talking peer willing to offer a critical analysis of both them as an entrepreneur and their business.
  4. The unique and unconventional use of design expertise, skills & critical thinking that Designovation offers in generating new ideas, solutions & strategies for business owners.
  5. A business mentor & author with a passion for studying great entrepreneurs & enterprises for over 35 years. Plus an objective & cautious study of the ever changing global economy.
  6. Access to our up to date database of resources for funding, investment, networking and business support.

Why you need our Textile & Product Design Expertise?

If you are a business start-up or existing company developing a product in the Textile field look no further:

  1. B.A.Honours Fashion Design graduate with over 35 years experience in textile retail, product design, sampling, branding & prototyping.
  2. Four decades building relationships, associations with leaders and companies in the Textile and Design sector in the U.K.
  3. Customers include: Manufacturers in the Technical Textiles & Innovations Sector, Specialist Textile subcontractor to Scottish Product Design Agencies, Consultant and advisor to start-up incubators developing textile products and innovations.
  4. Combined with extensive experience in understanding business, economics and finance mentoring from start-up’s to CEO’S with £1million + turnover.
  5. Personal experience in taking products from concept to market, finalising Academic Testing, Design, Patent & Trademark protection plus negotiating licensing deals internationally.

Want to learn more drop us an e-mail to arrange an appointment for an informal chat info@designovation.co.uk

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