A Lesson from the Past? History always repeats itself!

I wrote this 8 years ago for Young Entrepreneurs & Start-ups. Back then I never fully appreciated the significance of the real life story I told at the beginning of this book about my Grandmother & Grandfather about #Silver! A story that took me down a rabbit hole in studying & understanding Financial Freedom and the significance of #metals in 2024 like 1941! (My Grandmother & Grandfather met working as a kitchen hand and footman for Lord David Sterling the founder of SAS at Keir House before the outbreak of the Second World War.)


Chapter 1: Keir House 1941, Scotland

It was a bitter cold evening, Mary & Duncan huddled together as they sat in the kitchen, in front of the warm roaring fire with the room filled with the scent of smoky charred wood. They sat talking with excitement about their wedding plans and future life together. The recent announcement of their engagement came as no surprise to the owners and staff at Keir House. Unfortunately it was only a few days until Duncan would be leaving Scotland for his RAF post in England and like many young couples their wedding plans would have to be postponed and planned around the constraints and demands of the War. As they spoke they could hear in the background the faint brisk sound of foot steps approaching. This soon followed by the sound of the large kitchen door and its rusty hinges squeaking open.

“Oh there you are Duncan, I’ve been looking for you both everywhere, both of you stay there” said the Butler anxiously, as he about turned and made his way back down the hallway.

Mary & Duncan looked at each other hesitantly. Momentarily the Butler returned, shortly followed by the sound of women’s footsteps. Mary & Duncan quickly and instinctively stood up as the Lady of the House appeared at the doorway with a brown leather bound book held tightly to her chest while clutching a small brown leather pouch. Before entering the room Lady Stirling scanned the hallway behind her, to ensure no one had followed her and then closed the door firmly behind her.

“We have just received news of a potential air attack and possible land attack via the North Sea, the country is on high alert. I need the both of you to follow my instructions and collect all the family silverware and silver from the banquet room and set off and bury it on the Estate, you both must go now” she said firmly to Duncan & the Butler.

“Yes Mam! ” Duncan nodded respectfully, glancing at the Butler, Duncan exited the kitchen as the Butler followed closely behind, closing the kitchen door quietly ensuring not to disturb anyone else in the house.

The Lady looked at Mary and taking her hand guided her to the fireplace where she sat down in Cook’s cracked and worn leather chair, nodding to Mary to sit down on the wooden bench next to her. Mary sat nervously  and attentively.

At only 21 years of age Mary stood out from the other employees at Keir House. As an Irish immigrant who had come to Scotland aged 19 years old, her passionate spirit and work ethic instantly struck a chord with the Lady. She was different in so many ways from all the other staff at Keir House. Mary had a creative resourcefulness, common sense and a tireless work ethic, but most of all her confidence and assertiveness to challenge and question authority made it impossible for her to go unnoticed. The Lady of the house admired Mary’s passionate drive, youth and optimism but slightly envied her freedom to challenge conformity as a working class girl………………………….

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