Designovation; the process for bringing plans into reality.

“Designovation; the process for bringing plans into reality”

  • Who replaced the word ‘Hoover or vaccum cleaner’ with a ‘Dyson’?
  • Where would Apple be without Steve Jobs (more importantly Steve Wozniak) where would we be without our I-pads, I-phones etc.?
  • Where would Disney be without Walt (his brother Roy) and their team of Imagineers? What would our childhood memories be without Disney?
  • What will our children’s future and our environment look like without more people like Elon Musk? Without SpaceX, TESLA, Solar City?
  • Where would Japan be without W. Edwards Deming?

Where does enterprise, economic wealth & prosperity start i.e. The Industrial Revolution in Scotland in the mid-eighteenth century and the late nineteenth century IT explosion in California’s Silicon Valley 1970’s etc. Each of the above explosions began in cities filled with Great Designers, Innovators & Creative Thinkers that possessed something different from everyone else! Some say they had a dream, an innovation, inspiration- I call it something else!

One of my passions is writing books that teach self help and entrepreneurship. Over 35 years ago at age 15 my obsession of studying entrepreneurs began as my Dad introduced me to two genres of books business and personal development.  During my years of studying and observing entrepreneurs as a designer and after running my own business for over 18 years I came to one conclusion.

As a trained designer and creative thinker their is an essential ingredient shared by great achievers in life and individuals who fulfil their potential. The same ingredient is responsible for the execution of solutions, progress, innovation & economic growth. I believe that our current challenges hinge on the absence of a word that describes this ingredient. I call it “Designovation”

Designovation? I hear you saying!

As children we were brought up to know the words dream, creation, innovation but never a word called designovation. Yet this is the word that truly describes the essential ingredient that differentiates the following individuals from everyone else in History; Carnegie, Walton, Roddick, Dyson, Jobs, Disney, Kroc, Musk to Branson.

They each understood and practiced the following;

Dreaming; the formulation of an unpractical & unrealistic idea.

Imagination; forming ideas not present to the senses.

But more importantly even although the word did not exist they each practiced and embodied this word;

Designovation; the process for bringing plans into reality.

As an entrepreneur were you encouraged to Dream? Do you have an Imagination? Do you think like a Designer or innovator? Do you practice DESIGNOVATION? 

As we enter one of the most dramatic Economic shifts in History with the potential of a combined Financial Crash and Depression we need to start thinking differently? We need to think more CREATIVELY about business. Will your business offer the answers to less dependency on China? An alternative solution to globalism? How can Scotland intelligently replicate its success of the Industrial Revolution? How will we strengthen and position our Economy to weather the fallout of 2023?

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