‘The Sixth Characteristic of a Great Entrepreneur ‘THE REBEL: COURAGE’

As an Art student in the 80’s my melting pot of peer’s were what I would best describe as ‘Rebels’ -Free Thinkers, Mavericks, Outliers & Critical Thinkers.

As an unconfident speaker as a student I became a great observer and listener -teaching me two valuable lessons in life & business. One to always LISTEN to those that have opposing opinions and ideologies to mine in particular those that can back up their theories comprehensively with facts, figures, historical or real life references. And secondly how to VISUALLY read individuals & situations through the DETAIL & incongruences of the pictures or stories being painted for you, through a persons body language to their emotional expression on a subject .

The past few years has been a period of VISUAL incongruences more so on the subject at the root of many current issues mainly Finance & Economics and its impact on business and consequently society.

One of the greatest masters of storytelling & business is the great late Walt Disney. For anyone who has had the pleasure of experiencing a visit to Disney World Florida you will agree that Disney was a genius who could orchestrate a congruent illusion of reality. He demonstrates this through both film and as a visitor to his Parks due to his immaculate attention to detail.

Comparably the public storytelling in the financial world these past few years has been like observing a B rated movie made up of fictional non-credible characters, with poorly written scripts spouting fiction by redefining financial terms and rewriting financial History. With words such as transitory inflation by the FED, a change in how our International Central Banks measure inflation using CPI rather than RPI and ever changing definition of Recession. And the absence of any public speculation in MSM on the September 2019 Repo Crisis etc.

As a business mentor I always state to business owners that my mentors and teachers whether in business, finance or economics come from those that have practiced and experienced life not commentators, critics or theorists from main stream media or academia. In particular I read and study a diverse range of book recommendations, podcasts, YouTube channels of self made entrepreneurs and financiers.

I predict that 2024 will be the year of the REBEL the Free Thinkers, Mavericks, Outliers & Critical Thinkers. As the cracks start showing in the Financial damn that is about to burst main stream media and our governments and central banks will no longer be able to avoid the statistical data, the facts and the true context of History from the end of every Fiat currency lifecycle, the debasement of currencies through Q.E and the absence of a gold backed currency plus the demise of the Petrodollar.

2024 will be the turning point when the Critical Thinkers & Outliers the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rickard’s, Doug Casey, Michael Burry, Hugh Hendry, the Lynette Zang’s and Daniela Cambone ‘s of this world will have their day. Many like as before were the first to predict the GFC of 2008.

“The rebel is the person whom has the courage to challenge our beliefs, our values and our thinking. Every progressive or developing country needs individuals who demonstrate and practice the courage to be different in every key function of our lives. The creative individual displays this characteristic with fervour from our poets, songwriter, activists, artists to writers their works are full of the fuelled passion of their words about truth, rebellion, politics and social injustice. To rebel, gamble & take risks are the qualities always demonstrated by the entrepreneur, the thinker and revolutionary.’

An Extract from my book “The Entrepreneur-White Ball Thinking”

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