Textile Product Design & Innovation

Discover our unique Designovator products developed with our fast-track Designovation formula. 

Opening new markets with tangible products that solve 21st century challenges. A design and prototyping company based in Scotland, U.K.

Why choose Designovation?

  1. Specialists in Textile Products.
  2. Both Business and Design experts.
  3. FAST-TRACK Designovation® Formula taking you from concept to end product.
  4. Over 30 years in textile product design, retail, distribution and marketing.
  5. All the Textile expertise, skills and prototyping you need in one place.
  6. All products prototyped and manufactured in Scotland,U.K.
  7. Respected & trusted by leading private & public sector companies for over 25 years.

What is Designovator?

Designovator is our unique in-house brand. 

Each product is created using our FAST-TRACK Designovation® Formula as demonstrated with the ‘Toty’ baby travel system and the ‘Shoogle’ health and exergaming balance board.


Our Designovator products have obtained a combination of intellectual properties including Design rights, Trademarks and Patents and available to license.

Are you a Textile Business Start-up? The time is NOW discover how to design your business.
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