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What is Designovation?

My fascination for understanding entrepreneurs began forty years ago in my early teens observing and listening to my father and the many business owners I met through the family business in manufacturing and engineering. My life long interest in entrepreneurs brought me to one conclusion- there is an essential ingredient shared by great achievers in life and individuals who fulfil their potential. The same ingredient is responsible for the execution of solutions, progress, innovation & economic growth.

I believe that our current challenges in our economy hinge on the absence of a word that describes this ingredient. I call it Designovation.

Design-ovation? I hear you say.

As children we were brought up to know the words dream, creation, innovation but never a word called designovation. Yet this is the word that truly describes the essential ingredient that differentiates the following individuals from everyone else on the planet from; Carnegie, Walton, Roddick, Dyson, Jobs, Disney, Kroc, Musk to Branson.

They each understood and practiced the following;

Dreaming;the formulation of an unpractical & unrealistic idea.

Imagination; forming ideas not present to the senses.

But more importantly even although the word did not exist they each practiced and embodied this word;

Designovation; the process for bringing plans into reality.

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