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Why we need designers & innovators in business!

A Designer/Entrepreneurs perspective on Business

Who replaced the word a ‘Hoover or vacuum cleaner’ with a ‘Dyson’?

Where would Apple be without Steve Jobs, where would we be without our I-pads, I-phones etc.?

Where would Disney be without Walt & his team of Imagineers, what would our childhood memories be without Disney?

Why does enterprise, economic wealth & prosperity follow innovation i.e. The Industrial Revolution in Scotland in the mid-eighteenth century and the late nineteenth century. IT explosion in California’s Silicon Valley 1970’s etc.

Who revolutionised the Japanese economy after the 2nd World War? The Creative thinker, engineer & statistician W. Edwards Deming!


Each of the above individuals have two roles they are both Entrepreneurs & Creative Thinkers (Designers & Innovators). Without both elements we wouldn’t have Apple, Disney, Dyson etc. 

Over 30 years ago I started listening to & studying entrepreneurs & their business’s; starting at the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh in my early teens as I served tea & coffee on my Dads exhibition stand as he sold his power washers to business owners in the farming industry. Followed on at 16 with my early fascination in what makes a remarkable enterprise trying to figure out how the staff at Disney Florida managed with perfection to get everyone out of those gates safely at midnight and execute every function in their business seamlessly. 

My life long interest in entrepreneurs & their enterprises combined with my background & career in design brought me to one conclusion that the most essential ingredients of any great individual, entrepreneur or enterprise is the the single ingredient shared by the designer & innovator namely ‘Creativity’. The same essential ingredient responsible for creating solutions, progress, innovation & economic growth.

I believe that our current challenges in business hinge on the lack of this single ingredient namely “Creativity”

Carnegie, Walton, Roddick, Dyson, Jobs, Disney, Kroc, Musk to Branson are all Entrepreneurs but they are equally designers, innovators & creative thinkers.

The question is do you have the potential to be a great enterprise?

If so where are the Designers, Innovators & Creative Thinkers in your organization? 

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