Why we have to get more Creative & Resourceful!

Over the years I have recognised that in both conventional business books one of the most essential ingredients of any great individual, entrepreneur or enterprise is either neglected or rarely discussed. The same essential ingredient is responsible for creating solutions, progress, innovation & economic growth. 

This ingredient is present at the inception of any career or business but eventually vanishes as the person or business matures resulting often in stagnation. Occasionally it survives beyond inception to become an integral ingredient to the life of an individual, entrepreneur or enterprise namely ‘Creativity’. Through my contradicting life experiences in both the design and business worlds I believe you can harness and teach the skill of creativity. 

Creativity has six key characteristics which I define as White ball thinking. I believe these same six shared characteristics are reflective in the lives or enterprises of some of the world’s greats i.e. Walt Disney, James Dyson, Andrew Carnegie, Dame Anita Roddick & Steve Jobs.

In the coming months we will all be challenged to become more creative and resourceful if we wish to be economically competitive and relevant. Unfortunately the old systems, rules and ideas of how to do business have already changed.

At this point I ask you to look to the problem solvers, risk takers, non-conformists, non-traditionalists, free thinkers and rebels in your organisation.The fact is that our greatest Problem Solvers don’t define the characteristics of the business analyst, academic or bureaucrat:  

Apple- Steve Jobs/ Steve Wozniak -Innovation, Design, Engineering, Imagination.

Dyson-James Dyson- IP, Patents, Innovation, Engineering.

Paypal/Tesla/ Solar City/SpaceX- Elon Musk- Vision, Engineering, Science.

They epitomise freedom of expression, thought & ideas, they are predominantly rebels and are all ultimately Creative free thinkers.

  • Where are the Creative thinkers, Problem Solvers, Designers & Innovators in your organisation?
  • What is hampering and slowing your business down? Old supply chain models and dependancy on imports rather than UK supply chains? 
  • What are you investing your time & resources in? Waiting for imports or looking at alternative & unconventional out of the box solutions.
  • Why not Products & R&D? (MUST see Dyson/Dimbleby lecture ) is all your focus on Advertising & MARKETING?? http://www.bbc.co.uk/pressoffice/pressreleases/stories/2004/12_december/09/dyson.shtml)
  • Are you generating new ideas & models of enterprise? Or are you bogged down in refining more processes systems & rules?
  • Are you using this time to create the next innovation & investing in IP or are you too focused on building a safe unimaginative business model i.e. franchise, service business. 
  • Are you building a team of skilled, free thinkers i.e. engineers, technicians, scientists? Or a predominantly robotic workforce another call centre culture or business model with multiple layers of management detached from the consumer and the new world?
  • When you are in a time of challenge how much do you depend on your CREATIVE THINKERS!

I predict that the challenges we face in the coming months with will be WON by those business’s that get CREATIVE and find alternative & unconventional solutions to take back control of supply chains, resources and in turn the future of their business.

Taken from ‘The Entrepreneur; White Ball Thinking’ the first in a series of books introducing the various elements of the Designovation® principles and demonstrates how with creativity everyone has the potential to achieve sustained growth, innovation and a new ethical approach to business.

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