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What is the brand Designovator?

Designovator is a leading 21st century Textile, Fashion & Apparel Innovations brand designed, prototyped and manufactured in Scotland.

At Designovation we are specialists in the design of new Textile Product innovations. We achieve this efficiently by using our exclusive in-house fast-track Designovation formula. Examples of the innovations created by our Product Designers with over 30 years experience in both in Design, Business and Retail can be seen with our exclusive Designovator products i.e. ‘Toty’ Travel system and ‘Shoogle’.

In a generation where both manufacturing and design skills in Textiles, Fashion and Apparel in the UK are obsolete we offer specialist business mentoring and consultancy services to small business start-ups while manufacturing and designing our own I.P.protected products under the Designovator brand.