What is Branding & why is it important?

Branding or corporate identity is a key element to successful product design (in addition to its role in marketing for your business no matter how large or small). This will be the look or identity of your product or in the case of a business the image of your organisation from day one. It is your visual communication with your customers & the first thing your customer see ‘their first impression of you’.  

The combination of a well designed logo, brand or corporate identity is especially important for the small business owner as it can portray trust, credibility and reinforce the quality of your products or services and influence how you command premium pricing. 

A poor logo design or brand can lower customer confidence in their buying decisions and even instil an air of unreliability, if the company brand isn’t right.  

The development of a successful brand requires expertise and understanding of design using the subtleties of: Colour, symbols & fonts. With the correct professional expertise the execution of a well designed brand will pay dividends in attracting the correct clients and developing a strong marketing message identifiable with your brand & company.

Today you may be selling a small quantity of products or you may be a micro business. But to build a long term strategy for your business you need to start with the correct brand from day one. A well designed brand, logo or corporate identity will distinguish & set you apart from the competition.

With the proper professional advice your brand & corporate identity can help promote your company values & message and allow you to be seen with the potential of a much larger enterprise building your momentum for growth.  

What is Brand Guidelines & why is it important to YOU?

Any Graphic or Brand designer worth their salt with a simple understanding of the frustrations of launching a product or new business will recommend that in the process of developing your ‘Logo Design’ you have your ‘Brand guidelines’ document created.

The No.1 failure in branding by most new products & small business’s to large multinationals is their failure to fully execute their branding. In my years as a designer advising on branding & corporate identity many companies succeed in creating a great name, logo & brand identity but fail to maximise their investment partly by not having, creating or using their existing ‘Brand guidelines’document.

Your Brand guidelines detail the essential ingredients that make up your brand from your choice of pantone colours, family font etc. And unfortunately for many after they spend all that valuable money on getting their brand design right fail at the last hurdle by failing to implement & execute it across their business.

The Top tips in Brand guidelines:

No.1 Ask your designer to produce your Brand guidelines while designing your Brand or Logo.

No.2 When you receive it use it, apply it, implement and ultimately be “Congruent” stick firmly to your brand guidelines- don’t water it down or mess about with your brand- colour, styling, fonts & detail.

No.3 Repeat & execute your brand through every visual interface with your new product- labelling, packaging, brochures, promo videos. For a business ensure you apply it across your stationary, website, interior, signage, vehicles to uniforms ( refer to your Brand guidelines).

No.4 Be consistent, don’t get lazy and fail to display your brand repeatedly.

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