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What is a good Business Mentor?

Throughout my career I have had the great fortune of meeting many great individuals who generously shared their time and expertise in business with me without ever expecting anything in return- each of them in some way were business mentors. This has been instrumental in attaining a unique understanding and appreciation of Entrepreneurship. Likewise I have an uncanny habit of having new entrepreneurs cross my path at a time where they seem to be in need of my unique skills & knowledge of business. The Universe kindly offers me the opportunity to pay forward a debt that I otherwise could not repay and have the opportunity to mentor an inspiring new entrepreneur.

So what is a good Mentor?

My description; one who empowers & helps others to bring their dreams and ideas into reality in what ever way big or small.

After many years of being in business and studying all things entrepreneurial I have a Five basic principles about genuine Mentors.

Principles of how to be a Great Mentor!

  1. First you do not need to look for someone to help- strangely enough the Universe will ensure that when your services and expertise are needed someone will cross your path in need and will ask for help.
  2. Always meet someone face to face in person- first rule be human (this is extremely important never give help via telephone, e-mail and NEVER over a Zoom Call).
  3. Meet for a coffee in a neutral public place offering at least an hour of your time where both parties can end the session when it comes to a natural end. Always qualify when you have any uncertainty about any of your advice.
  4. NEVER accept any form of compensation for your time or expertise this even includes the price of a coffee. (Remember this is a simple one-off charitable exchange of an hour or so of your time).
  5. If at the end of your conversation the person you help wants to repay your time and expertise -simply ask them to follow these Five principles sharing their unique business expertise with a fellow Entrepreneur in need and PAY-IT-FORWARD!