The Jungle Gym

Four months ago I sat in my mum’s living room and watched on with amazement as my four nephews now in their 20’s reminisced over a variety of stories my husband told them as toddlers. One by one each of them interrupted one another in excitement as they recalled their memories of what they knew as the adventures of ‘The Jungle Burn’.

I laughed with hysterics as each of their animated faces reminded me of them aged 3, 4 and 5 years old. They recalled each of the characters from King Leo to Ziggy the Zebra and that famous secret password they had to chant aloud. 

My husband in his usual childish way found a way of sharing with them his knowledge of health and fitness through his magical stories- now but childhood memories.

The Jungle Gym is a colourful & detailed picture book that teaches young children about the joy of sports and exercise and working as a team with your friends. A beautiful gift for young children to be enjoyed with parents, grandparents and siblings. 

I hope you love this book as much as my grown-up nephews; Paul, Michael, Kieran & Declan.

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