Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction! The book ‘The Gamekeeper’ was inspired by my father and his environmental inventions, & highlights the importance of how each persons’ choices in life can have an unfathomable impact on the World. As a successful entrepreneur and inventor of products in water technology for over 50 years his products and inventions have won accolades i.e. One of the first companies to successfully tackle the clean-up operation of the Esso Bernicia oil spill of 1978 at Sullom Voe, Shetland Islands of Scotland. As a supplier to the farming community his engineering products were invaluable in the containment of Foot and Mouth Disease in 2001 and essential in various decontamination and clean-up operations in various industries & sectors contributing to the sustainability of our wildlife and natural environment. The firefighting Fire Fogging system invention depicted in this book was on standby to assist in the 2019 land speed record in South Africa and is supplied to over 70% of the UK’s Fire and Rescue Service and 75% of UK National Parks with their system operating worldwide in Australia, China, Falkland Islands, Ireland, Lebanon, Oman and Russia. And can be found on standby on the set of James Bond movies at Pinewood studios or on the Queens prestigious Windsor Castle Estate. His knowledge and expertise in the use of water technology in various natural emergencies is unmeasurable and demonstrates how each of us can make a big difference in the world by our persistence to be the best at what we do!

Be inspired & empowered and meet the Gamekeepers or as we like to say in Scottish Gaelic ‘A Geamairean’ ! You won’t be disappointed! Young Adult fantasy fiction based around Scottish mythology and a good measure of 21st century innovation. Be dazzled with spectacular endangered creatures and wildlife and join a young girl on her journey and challenge of self discovery along with her best friend Polly (her dog) and five majestic creatures. Join her as she battles against a great Kelpie, wolves and mermaids in her challenge to save the wildlife of Scotland from extinction! A magical adventure about friendship, personal development and lives challenges. Stunningly depicted through the eyes of an artist and lover of wildlife and Scottish mythology! Learn more- you won’t be disappointed refreshingly original and apt to the current challenges we are facing in 2020!

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