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Dreaming, Imagination now discover DESIGNOVATION!

Designovation; the process for bringing plans into reality

Would you like to help your children think differently you know the words dreaming, imagination now discover Designovation?.

Hi my name is Denise McKeever I am an ex-entrepreneur now author and illustrator and my goal over the coming year is to inspire and empower as many people as possible through my books and illustrations. My goal is to help you realize and achieve your maximum potential and hopefully help you in some way – no matter how big or small find their true source of passion in life.


At 44 years old after 18 years as a successful female entrepreneur and always prepared to take a risk-I walked away from a successful and profitable business because I finally realised that having achieved my goal ‘a major contract with a large prestigious corporation’ -the passion was all but gone. I realised that I had no aspiration to build a bigger business and just keep repeating what I had already achieved. This took me on a journey where I tried various new ventures, projects and business ideas- none fulfilling that deep seated passion I was longing for when I first graduated from Art College and started my business many years ago.

Finally I turned to my greatest source of insight and help in the past namely BOOKS.

As a late starter to actively reading (out with the compulsory school curriculum) I could count the number of books I had read in one hand before the age of 16 (never having really found my style or genre of book). I still have the resounding voice of my sixth year English teacher saying- “How did you get  O’level English never mind a Higher in English?”

That is until I came across my favourite genre of book namely- Self Help.


No1. My life’s mantra “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale

No.2 My bible for life “Think and Grow Rich” by the great Napoleon Hill -which I have had to replace on countless occasions because I keep giving it away to others in need of some well needed inspiration to expand their dreams and imagination.

I revisited my now library of books which is filled with author’s of Self-Help books and countless biographies and autobiographies on great achievers in life that have inspired me from their achievements in life sharing a wisdom I could not have gained anywhere else.

From no where and for the first time in many years I followed my heart not my business head and began writing. This resulted in the first two books of a trilogy I refer to as” The Entrepreneur-White Ball Thinking” and “The Enterprise-Black Box Thinking”. I still don’t know if I am any good as a writer but I have 100% confidence in my subject matter- so lets see what happens in the coming year. This later brought me back to one of my first childhood loves art & illustration which has rekindled a deep seated passion that has always allowed me to connect and inspire others- so one out of two’s not bad for a gamble at 47 years old.

I hope you will join me over the coming year, as I  use my new found passion in helpful and creative ways; podcasts, vlogs, blogs, interviews, Q&A sessions etc. Hopefully I can share my expertise and knowledge with you and help you find your true source of passion so you can achieve and realize your source of happiness and maximum potential in life with our Designovation Philosophy.


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Dreaming, Imagination now discover Designovation!

Discover Designovation!