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Mission No.1 Self Help; Assist others to achieve things themselves!

My goal is to inspire and empower others through my books and illustrations by sharing the skills & tools of self-help.


Today I want to talk about the word “Self-Help” many people find this term misleading yet it simply means; assisting someone to achieve things themselves. 

As the second eldest of nine kids I was privileged to have two wonderfully positive parents. A mother who is amazingly creative and resourceful (which you need when bringing up nine kids and supporting your husband as he builds the family engineering business) and a father a self-made entrepreneur (who missed much of school due to ill health and at aged 15 started his working career in the ‘pits’ as a Coal miner).

Both of their skills in self-reliance taught me and my siblings to go out and achieve things for ourselves. I was nurtured to try anything and pursue whatever dream I wanted from- Back packing at 18 around seven countries in Europe for 30 days with less than £90 in my pocket before the days of mobile phones or after graduating and receiving countless job rejections starting a business (even though I failed in typing and business studies).

Not everyone has the great fortune of parents or role models that have the patience to allow you to try things; make mistakes and be mediocre at something until you master it!


In addition to my parents, my greatest source of empowerment and belief that I could achieve things for myself came from books on Self Help and the real stories of successful individuals- not their outcomes but their journey; the trials and errors, the failures, the challenges and obstacles individuals persevered with to fulfil their maximum potential starting by finding their passion in life!

Over the coming months I will introduce you to the books that helped me in building my business and nuggets of wisdom that will help you on your journey. In between I will share my journey as I develop my own unique self-help books !

I hope you can join me whether you follow my blog, my vlog or podcasts.

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