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Extract from “The Entrepreneur- White Ball Thinking” by D.F.McKeever

Chapter 6:  I. The Spirit: Inspiration

The source of all our ‘Creative Power’ begins with the spirit. The spirit has many names mother nature, god or infinite intelligence. We must learn to embrace, explore and understand this powerful intangible source of energy and inspiration. This is the essential tool that will help you connect with your individual creative purpose. Humanity is the embodiment of both our spiritual and physical self without this source of energy we would cease to exist. The first and most important of all the lessons in the manuscripts is this:

One must discover and find in life ones single ‘Creative purpose’

Our ‘creative purpose’ is a definition of our highest and most natural values and when fulfilled demonstrate qualities of genius. To discover our creative purpose in life one must examine our self honestly. It often reveals itself in the expression of passion and enthusiasm when we are being most authentic, natural and true to ourselves in environments that allow us to express and resonate with our true values. 

For those unacquainted to their creative purpose it often presents itself during our ultimate challenges in life or in that final defining moment of despair when we are at the point of giving up. Those restricted or limited by age, illness or disability often have a greater awareness of their creative purpose as they are often more highly tuned to their spiritual purpose rather than their material purpose in life. 

Like wise it can express and reveal itself through our emotional frustration or anger when our creative purpose feels suppressed by others or by our environment or illuminated by an experience or event where it is demonstrated to be trivialized and undervalued. Unlike our material purpose our creative purpose isn’t something we become, develop or work towards it is something we share as a gift unconditionally and freely with the world and humanity, often without the need of acknowledgement or reward. It is our spirits signature from the day we were born. Ultimately it is the gift we bring to others when we have nothing material left to share. 

Ones ideas must resonate with our values

Everything we do stem’s from honouring our creative purpose and being true to our values. When we do not honour our values we under perform and develop symptoms of procrastination, drifting, a lack of commitment or decisiveness.  One must not be defined by past decisions and definitions of what or who we are, we must establish a foundation where individuals are not paralysed by their sex, age, race, creed, class or culture. It is paramount that there is a natural balance in all things and that the individual authentic female and male power, perspective and value are respected and honoured. 

Once one has recognised ones creative purpose one must endeavour to focus and improve these qualities. Unlike the masses do not waste your time and energy trying to improve your weaknesses. One must honour our creative purpose before one can connect and tap into natures infinite resources………

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