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No.1 Rule in Branding “Execution”

The No.1 failure in branding by most small business’s to large multinationals is their failure to fully execute their branding. In my years as a designer advising on branding & corporate identity many companies succeed in creating a great name, logo & brand identity but fail to maximize their investment.

The Top 5 tips in execution:

No.1 “Congruent” stick firmly to your brand guidelines- don’t water it down or mess about with your brand i.e. colour, styling & detail.

No.2 Repeat & execute your brand through every visual interface with your customer from stationary, website, interior, signage, vehicles to uniforms.

No.3 Keep your brand message honest & authentic to your company culture, tag line & mission statement. Customers are not daft & dislike being lied to i.e. “putting the customer first” the banks. Deliver your promises!

 No.4 Be consistent, don’t get lazy and fail to display your brand repeatedly.

No.5 Ask a child or 3 year old (who can’t read or spell) to visually identify your brand randomly against your competitors- uniforms, haulage, website. Then decide whether your brand is effective; congruent,consistent and instantly recognizable.

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