My First Friend my Polly!

Great books only come from a source of Love & Joy.

When I began my new journey into the world of Children’s illustration I never thought for a minute that the simple love for our new addition to the family ‘Our Polly’ would make such an impact.

I currently have sold a paperback in half of all States in America only this week I received a beautiful e-mail requesting permission from a School Principle in the U.S. to read ‘My First Friend’ to their children as they study from home.

It warms my heart every time I look at our family dog knowing how much love and affection she gives us every day and how through her book it is shared with so many wee ones through out the world.

‘My First Friend’ is the perfect children’s book about friendship celebrating the special relationship between a child and their dog. If you have a dog, you will love this heart-warming book! A beautifully traditionally illustrated book that young children, parents, and grandparents will love! This engaging picture book teaches young children about the emotions and feelings you share with your dog. Classically illustrated with over 24 hand drawings showing children the true meaning of friendship. A beautiful gift for young children and parents

I hope you enjoy! Take Care and keep well!