Teach our Children the Power of Positive Thinking!

As an author & illustrator I was a late starter to reading. My real passion for reading began when I was first introduced to the world of Self-Help and Personal Development aged 16 years old. This genre of book was essential and instrumental to my […]

Find your CALLING!

The source of all our ‘Creative Power’ begins with the spirit. The spirit has many names mother nature, god or infinite intelligence. We must learn to embrace, explore and understand this powerful intangible source of energy and inspiration. This is the essential tool that will help you connect with your individual creative purpose.


In 1997 as a young female business start-up aged 26, I was invited to attend the ‘First Young Entrepreneurs Convention’ in the European Parliament Brussels. One of the main subjects raised over the 3 days was “Ethics in Business” and the necessity that it should […]