Designovation; the process for bringing plans into reality.

Are you a dreamer?
Are you ambitious but disempowered by others limitations and poor comprehension of business (non-entrepreneurs, theorists, academics)?
Are you a Young Entrepreneur who is lost and frustrated?
Are you disillusioned by the lack of truths and facts about business and the realities of being an entrepreneur?
Do you want to be inspired and empowered with a little imagination? Do you want to share the next few hours reading the insights of a creative entrepreneur?

Who are My Positive Friends?

The great entrepreneur and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie shared with Napoleon Hill what he called the Power of the Mastermind Alliance or in its simplest form the power of Positive Friends.

The lessons of ‘Think and Grow Rich’ are as relevant today as they were when published back in 1937 yet we still don’t teach it’s principles to our children, in schools or higher education- from my experience the bible of every great entrepreneur or individual seeking personal or professional success.

Have you lost your PASSION?

If you want to regain your passion simply watch your children, listen to their ideas, their dreams and hopes. And there you will see a reflection of what was once your passion in life. Rediscover the six characteristics of the great entrepreneur, the inventor, the creative thinker and the child;

Principle III. The Designer: Vision

The Designer is the great visionary and dreamer. Many individuals first labelled as fantasists and dreamers finally obtain the title of remarkable visionaries, inventors and thinkers. It is our visionaries that motivate people and thus steer society’s path into the future. Credible visionaries can paint pictures and images in the minds of others like great story tellers. They hypnotise and motivate their audiences like the great illusionists sewing seeds in their minds with ideas of what could be possible.

Principle II. The Believer: Faith

Hand in hand with the ‘Spirit’ is the ‘Believer’ it is only with belief, faith and self belief that anything can ever be achieved. Some of us have been bestowed with this natural attribute of faith which is often formed by our individual upbringing or […]

Principle No.1 The Spirit: Passion

Extract from ‘The Entrepreneur” Chapter 6: The White Ball I. The Spirit: Passion The source of all our ‘Creative Power’ begins with the spirit. The spirit has many names mother nature, god or infinite intelligence. We must learn to embrace, explore and understand this powerful […]

Young Entrepreneurs

If you are a young person exploring the idea of setting up your own business this is a short set of checklists, analysis and tips often never discussed. If you want the best chance possible to start off on the right footing this includes a great pre start-up analysis, checklist, inventor & parents tips plus 70+ website links to improve your chances of success, sustainability and growth