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Get your brand, name & logo design right first time !

The second biggest expense for any business start-up is marketing. This is where essential start-up cash is often wasted and crucial mistakes related to marketing are made. From your choice of company name, brand to logo design and securing your URL’s.

Plus your marketing is your visual communication with the world of whom & what you are, defining the type of potential customer you wish to attract. The ultimate word in marketing is being “congruent” from your company name, your logo, branding, web design, to vehicle or uniform design. Everything must synchronize to tell the same story, one that appeals to your customer needs and wants.


Step one make your name short, memorable and unique. Ensure it is available; does someone already have the trademark, registered company or URL’s: ?Avoid misspellings, negative connotations or conflicts with your major competitors. (see &


Securing ownership of your domains is now as equally important as obtaining an available company name or title. We live in the technology age where your website is as important as your social media network profile.(see


If you plan to be a sole trader or partnership, still think ahead if you decide to become a limited company. Is the company name or brand owned by someone else? What will be the cost and loss to you and your customers down the line of lost brand continuity and at worse re-branding; vehicles, signage, stationary, paper work, website etc.


Additionally like your registered company name it is essential that you check for any conflicts with other companies, brands, competitors in relation to your logo mark, symbol to your choice of colour pantone & font.


Finally your marketing mediums start and end with everything from your; stationary, brochures, website, social networking pages to premises signage, interior design, staff uniforms, vehicle design to dress code and personal image. Your marketing mediums represent your visual company C.V, they are the visual communication of your company to your customer, supplier and competitors.    

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