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Ethics in Business?

In 1997 as a young female business start-up aged 27, I was invited to attend the ‘First Young Entrepreneurs Convention’ in the European Parliament Brussels. One of the main subjects raised over the 3 days was “Ethics in Business”. And the necessity that it should be essential that any students studying Entrepreneurship should be required to complete an accreditation in ‘Ethics’.

What progress have we made in 18years? Why are we being failed especially in our large institutions? Banks, Press, Government, Policing, FIFA,?

Following my study of business & personal development I believe it is perfectly exemplified in the lives of one of our generations greatest female Entrepreneur. The late Dame Anita Roddick and her book ‘Business as Unusual’. 

 And in what I have identified as one of the 6 key characteristics of a great entrepreneur, what I call ‘White Ball Thinking’ the sixth and last characteristic of ‘The Rebel” Courage.

An Extract from my book “Black Box & White Ball Thinking”

Chapter 19 “The Rebel” Courage

The last characteristic of the “white ball” is ‘The Rebel’. The rebel is the person whom has the courage to challenge our beliefs, our values and our thinking. Every progressive or developing country needs individuals who demonstrate and practice the courage to be different in every key function within our lives. The creative individual displays this characteristic with fervour from our poets, songwriter, activists, artists to writers their works are full of the fuelled passion of their words about truth, rebellion, politics and social injustice. To rebel, gamble & take risks are the qualities always demonstrated by the entrepreneur, the thinker and revolutionary. ………

Breaking Rules

“Real creativity, the kind that is responsible for breakthrough changes in our society,always violates the rules.“

Those most respected in history are those that have had the courage to ensure that their vision honours the spirit of the white ball and their love for their fellow human kind above the greed and self interest of the material black box. ………………


Additionally courage can only be measured by the outcome of a note worthy and valued purpose. Within each one of us we have the capacity to contribute to society a legacy for good. The freedom we are privileged with as members of humanity is our freedom to apply or neglect our purpose & power for good. We each have a responsibility that when one asks oneself that same question again:

Staying true to your authentic self and with your specialized skills and knowledge. How can you provide a solution to humanities greatest hopes or fears?

Remember one has the choice whether to find and practice our spiritual purpose for good and create a greater legacy and vision than what currently exists. ……………….

For every Entrepreneur out there like the late great Dame Anita Roddick:

Will your business vision be a catalyst for a better society and future for our grand children?

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