Designovator is a leading 21st century Textile, Fashion & Apparel Innovations brand designed, prototyped and manufactured in Scotland.

Our Designovator products are developed using our exclusive in-house fast-track Designovation formula. Product Designers and business specialist with over 30 years experience in both in Design, Business and Retail. can be seen with our exclusive Designovator products i.e.

‘Toty’ Travel system

‘Shoogle’ Exer-gaming & Fitness balance board.

Designovation®formula was 1st tested with the development of my husbands innovation the ‘Shoogle’. Within 3 months we completed the research, proof of principle, prototyping and I.P filing (trademark, design & patent rights). As our first product it was nominated & exhibited for 6 months in the prestigious Glasgow Science Center, it has a granted patent, trademark (winning a trademark infringement challenge with “one of the world’s biggest internet brands”) and has academic testing from the University of West of Scotland. 

Contact us for further details on our products available for licensing, some of our leading Designovator brand products have I.P. from Trademark, Design rights & Patent protection plus Academic Testing.