Learn more about or Designovation philosophy for fast tracking design ideas & product’s to market. See research conducted during the past weeks fast-tracking the development & prototyping of non-certified PPE by Denise McKeever.

As a designer with over 30 years in the design sector I offer specialist consultancy services in both business and design. I have a creative business philosophy which is depicted in my Designovation book series which promotes the importance of creativity & innovation in business.

This unique Designovation®formula was first tested with the development of one of my products the ‘Totykids’ travel system and my husbands innovation the ‘Shoogle’ Children’s Exer-gaming & Fitness Product.

Toty Travel System

Our product the Shoogle best demonstrates how we used our formula: Within a 3 month period​ we completed its research, proof of principle, prototyping and I.P filing (trademark, design & patent rights). As our first product it was nominated & exhibited for 6 months in the prestigious Glasgow Science Center, it has a granted patent, trademark (winning a trademark infringement challenge with “one of the world’s biggest internet brands”) and academic testing from the University of West of Scotland.