Discover Denise’s business books under the pen name D. F. McKeever. As a business owner for over 25 years Denise began her journey into writing due to her passion for studying great business minds and entrepreneurs. Born into an entrepreneurial family Denise has had a unique understanding of entrepreneurs and business design from an early age.

Learn more about her unique book series based on her unique Designovation philosophy. After a gruelling experience of attempting to get two innovations to market and an eye-opening experience dealing with enterprise bodies in Scotland, Denise was frustrated by the lack of comprehension about entrepreneurship and business start-up’s. This motivated her to write Part I & II of her book trilogy about how to design a sustainable business for the 21st Century. Both books are available in both paperback & ebook from Amazon, Apple Books and Smash words.

Discover more about Denise by visiting her Linkedin page with her extensive experience in the creative & design industries and the long list of public & private customers she serviced with her first business established in 1995.