The Designovation ®Philosophy

“Customers seeking our textile consultancy services often approach us with a great idea but in the momentum of creating a product fail to consider the long term demands on their time, resources & finances. We are here to ensure that before you embark on this journey you are prepared commercially.”

Our founder is a trained designer & business woman with a strong analytical approach to the management of both our customers & companies resources. As such we have developed our own turn-key process for fast tracking products from concept to final product prototype complimenting creativity with organised systems. Before seeking our Textile consultancy services & advice- See our induction steps:

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Customer Questions

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b. Still not ready? Download our induction questionnaire. Applicable to new businesses & inventors. Discover if you are; An Inventor or aspiring Entrepreneur? Interested in building a business? Or licensing your product?

Induction Workbooks

3. Alternatively;

a. Read our Blog articles.

b. Download our Business Start-up Handbook.

c. Download our Branding Handbook.

Still undecided consider downloading or ordering our books:

d. The Entrepreneur; White Ball Thinking.

e. The Enterprise; Black Box Thinking.

We look forward to working with you!


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Excellent & very professional service, I have used Designovation’s services for over 18 yrs for a variety of branding, design work & digital art work. It’s owner doesn’t just have amazing creative design skills but has a great deal of expertise & knowledge of creative entrepreneurship!

Eileen of Stress-Coach