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Who is Denise McKeever?

Denise is a self published author and illustrator currently seeking representation for her books teaching positive thinking and self-help. Denise loves empowering others by sharing her Designovation® Philosophy with young people.


 What is Designovation®?

          Designovation is a philosophy which means: the process for bringing plans into reality.

Denise McKeever’s goal is to help others to fulfil their dreams by providing through her books the skills of positive thinking and self-help; the means to help yourself.  


 Denise also has a series of Young Adult Fiction books under the pen name D. F. McKeever learn more by visiting www.dfmckeever.com.
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To compliment our books I also have a collection of inspirational prints to introduce children at an early age to positive affirmations and positive thought. Keep posted for regular updates from our new book releases & products.