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A bigger Problem than plastic bottles! FASHION

As an entrepreneur & designer for over 20 years my passion for working with textiles & creating clothes began in my teens with the “self confidence” my creations gave me. This was short lived after graduating with a B.A. Hon’s in Fashion Design, with the realisation that the industry in the main served the ego of the “Fashion Designer” not the “Customer”. From the industries dictation of what colours women should wear whether it suits you or not to ill fitting poorly sized clothes (with sizing & manufacturing data decades out of date) and fashions that alienate many in favour of stereotypes of beauty dictated by the industry.

Why will Wearables replace Fashion? 

Why will Wearables replace Fashion? Because creators of “Wearables “are “Engineers” not “Fashion Designers” whose motivations are to solve frustrations, problems and provide solutions to the customer. And in the main the “Fashion Industry” put aesthetics, marketing and brand before function, form & improving the service or product for the customer.

For the past 6 years I have repeatedly asked myself why are our Colleges & Universities continuing to fill the demand for “Fashion Design” placements when the future growth, economics, profits and jobs in Europe are in Technical Textiles and Wearables?

I challenge aspiring “Wearable Engineers” that in your endeavour to bring Technology to Fashion challege yourselves to simultaneously solve the frustrations of the 21st century consumer and reform the failures of the Fashion Industry through your technology, software data collecting platforms.

Maybe like myself you have the answers to how we can revolutionize the:

Sizing system and model to collate accurate data on sizing, shape, silhouette & form to reform current manufacturing process.

Colour system rather than having “fashion seasons”- data on personalised colours that compliment the individual allowing increased self confidence and sustainable purchases i.e. colour analysis

The list is endless with direct solutions to the environmental impact of fashion on landfill sites and waste due to poor sizing, throw away fashion and unnecessary frequent changes in choices of colour.

The Customer

The Wearables community have a multitude of opportunities with this emerging market. Take my word for it as someone who understands “the customer” through a career lecturing and coaching women on self confidence through their image to individually fitting hundreds of women as a Contract Manager in the supply of uniforms for over 18years. There is an unfulfilled consumer out there who is being ignored and dismissed ready to embrace what solutions and new ideas “Wearables” have to offer in serving & solving the frustrations of the “customer”.

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