What is Designovation?


Designovation is our philosophy which means: the process for bringing plans into reality.
The goal of Designovation and its owner Denise McKeever is to inspire and empower children to fulfil their dreams in life by providing them with the tools and skills of self-help . 
We aim to slowly introduce children to the world of self-help starting with our inspirational art and picture books. And as they grow into young adults introduce them to our self-help books and blogs. 
Until now the subject of self-help has been confined to adult literature. Our personal goal is to give this generation the invaluable means to being able to help themselves.


Who is D. F. McKeever?

Denise is a self published author & artist currently seeking representation for her books. She loves sharing her creative talents with others taking her back to her creative roots as a B. A. Honours Design graduate of Edinburgh College of Art over 25 years ago.
“My goal is to inspire & empower children and young adults through my inspirational art & creative writing teaching ‘Self help’ .” 
The inspiration for my first book:
“After 18 years in business I was inspired to write a book for young people in need of some guidance and encouragement in fulfilling their dreams after my own challenges and experience of trying to get two new innovations to market. As someone who has always loved mentoring and encouraging young people I decided to write an experiential guide to help others aspiring to achieve their dreams.”  
My first two books explain my ‘Designovation philosophy’ which is a philosophy on understanding how to create and design a 21st century business. A philosophy used in the development of my husbands innovation the ‘Shoogle’and my product the ‘Toty’ travel system. 

Learn more about the ‘Shoogle’ see Video Now!

The creation of the following books & FREE handbooks led me to a new chapter in my life writing fiction for young adults and the creation of my inspirational art.
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